20 June 2012

മന്ദാരം കടവ് ആ‍റാട്ട് | Mandharam Kadavu Arattu

It is believed that there will be presence of Ganga Devi at Mandharam Kadavu of Arattupuzha river. On that day, when Thriprayar Thevar  reaches Kaithavalappu, Pisharikkal Bhagawathi takes her Arattu (holy bath) in the river. It is believed that she is the remover of all poisonous materials. This will be followed by the Arattu of other Goddesses. After Kootti Ezhunellippu  , Vilakkachaaram, Keli, Pattu etc., Loard Thevar with Cherpu Bhagawathi and Urakam Amma Thiruvadi starts to MandharamKadavu. There special mandapams are built to accommodate the deities for rituals . This event of Arattu (holy dip) in which so many dities take part is a unique ritual in Kerala. After the holy bath, Thevar and Urakkam Amma Thiruvady move together to Arattupuzha Temple. Conch will be blown on the way. Amma Thiruvady enters the temple first and next Thripraya Thevar.

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